We are a variety band with original hits on New Mexico radio and lots of  popular cover tunes at our fingertips.

(505) 281-0127

We  inspire  dancing ,  smiles,  thoughtful introspection, laughter (with us not at us,, pretty much)  and flights of musical ecstasy ,

Quotes from some happy (and some hippy) listeners

  • Billy Gibbons, leader of ZZ Top – “I like that sh*t, can I get a CD!?” Billy definitely got hooked up with our CD.
  • Radio personality, Marcelina Velasquez – “I use, Las Estrellas De Nuevo Mexico, as a theme song for my radio program on KSSR in Santa Rosa.”
  • Michael Brasher of KANW – “We are going to include your original song “Las Estrellas De Nuevo Mexico” on our New Mexico Super Stars CD!”
  • Lucio Urbano of KUNM – “Dude, I love your new song, The Lawyer Blues, the lead guitar and vocals are fantastic and I can definitely use it on my show!”
  • Donna Howell of KSFR in Santa Fe – “We love your songs and it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to get so much original material from a submission.  We will play lots of your songs on our show Gotta Dance!”

Samples of Performances

New Mexico State Fair, Sky City Casino, The Tucson Folk Festival, Isleta Casino, Los Cuates, The Coffee Shop, Molly’s Saloon in Tijeras, Carrizozo Arts In The Parks, The No Scum Allowed Saloon in White Oaks, Los Cuates , The Solo Club, The Wild Pony, Veterans Posts 13, 99, 100 and 49, Alamogordo Cottonwood Festival,  The Tijeras Open Air Arts Market, Solid Grounds Coffee House,  The NM Wild Horse Association in Socorro, The Albuquerque Folk Festival.  Fiestas at Los Padillas, Belen, Santa Rosa, the hidden town of La Bajada, Saint Anns, Nativity Church to name a few.  The Mine Shaft Tavern.  The Cowgirl BBQ,  Neds, The Four Hills Country Club.  The Sunset Grill,,,and a bunch more.  We are way blessed to have so many gigs and we give everything we got at every performance.

Paul Pino, Guitar, Vocals and Song Writing

I was raised up like a free range chicken hawk on our family rancho near Carrizozo New Mexico.  Us rural kids were influenced by songs heard on distant radio stations from Juarez to Oklahoma City, which my sisters and I could pick up with a transistor radio sitting on top of our windmill at dusk,,,,and only at dusk. The melodic cadences of my dad’s poetry, the melodies found in nature on the prairie, and the raucous, smoky, tequila drenched music of New Mexico dance halls were all early influences on my musical development.  New Mexico’s music, languages, cultures, humor, dust, rain, and beauty gather in my head, spin around,,, and exit my brain as songs glorifying the wonder land we live in, making fun of this crazy life, or reflecting back the beauty of everyday life with a little twistedness .



Greg Martinez, Bass Man and Backup Vocals

I have been in many different types of bands over the years including Ska, Rock, Christian Rock, Metal & Blues. For the last twelve years or so, I’ve been a session musician and worked with musicians from all over the country.  I’ve had songs hit the air-waves in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona and Oklahoma. I’ve been nominated for many awards, and have won two “New Mexico MIC Line Awards” for “Best Musical Production”, and “Song of the Year”. I’ve also toured New Mexico, Arizona, California, Texas and Oklahoma. I was baptized by Al Hurricane, the Godfather of New Mexico Spanish music so I have got to deliver!


Guitar Joe from Bernalillo (Joseph Noriega)

Joe has played all over the west coast and can stun you with 20 notes a second, or kill you with just one or two perfect notes played at the perfect time with the perfect feel and the perfect tone.

John Arater Percussions and Vocals

He has toured the US with bands, played Austin, Reno, lots of big hot spots, and always makes time to play in church also!