Born in Tularosa New Mexico, in the home of his aunt, Mary Diaz. Paul was raised at the Pino family ranch just eight miles east of Carrizozo New Mexico.

Paul first experienced the outside world by listening to Rock & Roll music through a transistor radio. It was there he and his 3 sisters sat on a windmill, where they could get good reception from Kansas City at sundown.

New Mexico Music was embedded in Paul’s life, and daily activities since early childhood. The Spanish accents and speech patterns of his family could be described as melodious and “sing-song-y”. His father Presiliano could memorize innumerable poems, cowboy songs, and Spanish music, which he would sing and recite as they rode horses across the prairie “llano”, and as the family did chores around the ranch. The  stick and adobe house built by Paul’s father Presiliano Pino in 1909,  was officially recognized by the state of New Mexico’s Historic Preservation Division on June 13th 2005 as the “Pino Hispano Homestead”, pictured on Paul’s first album “Generaciones” released in 1997.

Life on the ranch was physically, and mentally demanding, as the family dealt with hot dry summers, winter blizzards, and flash floods, which would cut them off from the nearby town of Carrizozo, which was 8 miles away. Isolation was one of the most difficult parts of being ranch raised but also one of the most wonderful. There is nothing in this world like the stillness you experience on the wide-open prairie with it’s yellow grass below your feet, the bluest sky above you and unobstructed views for 75 miles, plus an incredible view of  the Carrizo mountains.

All of these experiences along with hugely powerful Spanish language New Mexico radio stations have influenced Paul’s music and his life.

For 25 years Paul served our community by teaching in Albuquerque’s public schools.  Recently retired, Paul has now devoted his life full-time to writing songs and playing music.  The music video on this page “Spanish Prayers” was inspired by a beautiful service in Tularosa for Paul’s Uncle Julian Martinez.


Here are some “dichos”,  examples of folk wisdom!

* Cada Cabeza Es Un Mundo (Each Mind Is a World of It’s Own).
* Tell me who you hang out with, and I’ll tell you who you are.