We are all about the money. Ha.  There is no money in the local music scene.  But there is a hell of a lot of fun, you meet lots of great people, and sometimes our souls just melt into the beautiful sound.   We are very happy to play lots of originals that people actually like,, or they are liars. 

Paul Pino – I just write songs, sing, play rhythm and try to keep up with these tone slingers.

Greg Martinez – Six string fretless bass and backing vocals.  Studio wizard and award winner type of guy.

Papa John Arater – Played across the US, in Austin TX, Reno NV and now he’s back in Albuquerque where he belongs!!

Guitar Joe From Bernalillo – Lead guitar and backing vocals.  Played all over the west coast, and can really play anything from polkas, to two steps, blues, to whatever kinda music you’d call Frank Zappa. 

Ken Knoll – From Sin City, Las Vegas (New Mexico) has as honorary membership with the Tone Daddies and joins us when he’s not doing something else that makes actual money.  He is a songwriter, singer, guitar player, keyboard player and film and TV series maker.  He’s known everybody from John Travolta to Merle Haggard.